Your Mind Has Rights! 

We are demanding the right to go inside our own minds for answers and healing, by any means necessary including using psychedelics, which have been show to be safe and effective, but are currently illegal to consume. We are supporting Private research to be done at Universities that everyone agrees are qualified.

Our Constitutional Rights

Once this critical mass of people going inside happens we can start having the important conversations about politics, race, terror, and the environment, in a meaningful way, rather than just on the surface level, where each person comes into it with their preconceived notions and prejudices.  This shift in perception and increased empathy will allow people to put themselves in the shoes of their fellow citizens, someone living on the other side of the world, and even someone who will live 100 years from now.

We believe that is our Constitutional Right to go inside our mind for answers and healing. There are organic and synthetic substances that have been proven to be very effective and extremely safe when used to break depression and addiction. These breakthrough compounds include, Ibogaine, Ayahuasca, Psilocybin, MDMA, Ketamine, are illegal to consume or even to study.

Your Mind Has Rights


Decades ago when these compounds were made illegal it was done to keep people safe while they were being researched.  We now know that if they are taken in the right set and setting that they are extreme safe.  Keeping them from society now is the equivalent of “modern day slavery.”

People who are struggling with mental illness or substance abuse that want to break free are not being allowed to access these important medicines.

Even worse, if you try to take some of these healing energies (expl: Ayahuasca) you can be locked up in an institution and be forced to take their energies (expl: Lithium) in order to punish your mind.

In the 21st Century with our modern scientific understanding it is unacceptable to say that some plants like Ayahusca, and Ibogaine are not safe but that others like tobacco and alcohol are safe, and can be marketed constantly.

Help the Fight

We are prepared to fight this all the way to the Supreme Court to demand the right to go inside our own minds.  Protests are being organized and documented, which will bring global attention to this important human right.Join the “Your Mind Has Rights” Movement by spreading the word and by donating to the True Reality Society (501c3)

Donations will be used to fight, and bring attention to the Constitutional legal battle, and to come to the aid of those people who are being persecuted for exercising the right go inside their own minds.

We can’t wait any longer; we need to get to that critical mass!


Mike “Zappy” Zapolin

Zappy is a strong advocate for going inside ones own mind for answers and healing. Zappy has developed and delivered meditation programs for large corporations, treatment centers, and celebrity clients. By combining leading edge medications with a daily meditation practice, patients have the tools they need to achieve a lifetime of success over the issues they face. Zappy is a thought leader in the natural plants space, he spent 5 years researching the subject and creating the award winning documentary film “The Reality Of Truth” featuring actress Michelle Rodriguez and Deepak Chopra. The film earned Zappy the Van Gogh award for documentary directing at the prestigious Amsterdam Film Festival. The film is about the importance of going inside your own mind, and features thought leaders including Joel Osteen, Ram Dass, Dr Drew, Marianne Williamson, and many more. Zappy believes that once people have the breakthrough using ketamine to overcome their depression or addiction, that it’s vital that they have a way to tap back into that experience for the rest of their lives, and meditation is that bridge.